Saturday, March 17, 2012

Too hard on smokers

I've been accused from time to time of being too hard on smokers.

After living with lung problems for most of my adult life, the air I breathe is important to me. I don't want to smoke somebody else's cigarette.

And if they think so little of themselves to smoke, knowing that IT WILL KILL YOU, do they even think about the children around them?

Children breathing second hand smoke. Children getting sick from tobacco smoke. Children who start smoking because mommy and daddy smoke.

Smokers are drug addicts.

The addiction to nicotine is NO different than the addiction to cocaine or heroin.

Except tobacco addiction is legal because the cigarette companies have spent billions of dollars to keep this scam going on Americans who smoke.

There is a time to get off every train.

Smoking is not candy.

Smoking is not a snack.

Smoking is not something that improves you in any way whatsoever.

Smoking will kill you.

The time to stop smoking is now.

Get help. Get counseling. QUIT SMOKING!

It's time for America's legal DRUG ADDICTS to stop killing America's CHILDREN.

Health is a very precious and fragile thing. I have battled severe lung infections and partially collapsed lungs since 1975.

The first severe lung infection caused me to quit smoking cigarettes at the at age of 19 because I thought I was going to die.

The air I breathe is a precious commodity.People who know me say I talk like I'm not getting enough air. It's been difficult.

I don't want to smoke your cigarette, and frankly, if you had even a lick of common sense you wouldn't want to smoke that cigarette either.

Because cigarettes kill.

Cigarettes kill children.

Cigarettes kill young people.

Cigarettes kill middle-aged people.

Cigarettes kill senior citizens.

3 children start smoking every day in America to replace the smokers who are dying from smoking. One child will quit at some point and one child will die from smoking.

The tobacco companies spend billions of dollars to get cigarettes into the hands of children.

Because that's the way they've always worked. Get them addicted while they're young and they'll be a lifelong addict.

The fact it's legal to smoke in America is an atrocious piece of reality we all live with.

80% of the population DOES NOT SMOKE.

20% of the population DO NOT HAVE THE BRAINS THAT GOD GAVE THEM AT BIRTH. They have been raped and pillaged by the tobacco companies and don't know any better, so God help them quit smoking.

Tobacco may be legal in America.

But tobacco is the number one PREVENTABLE cause of death in America because cigarettes will kill you.

Cigarettes will kill your children.

It's time to stop killing children.

It's time to get off the tobacco train and tell the tobacco industry to take a hike.

I'm having lung surgery this coming Thursday to remove the damaged part of the upper left lobe of my lung.

I am scared to death and trying not to freak out at the prospect of what I'll be going through.

But after the surgery, I'll be healthier, with that dead and scarred part of my lung removed.

I will cherish even more breathing smoke free air.

STOP SMOKING NOW. Throw out the cigarettes, throw out the ashtrays, clean up the inside of your car and house.

Because smoking will kill you. You are addicted to nicotine. You are a drug addict.

It's never too late to enjoy the benefits to your health by quitting smoking. Your body will be resetting itself in no time at all to live WITHOUT nicotine, which may have been controlling your life for a long time.

Quit smoking now. Good luck. Get help if you need it and don't look back. Everyone can beat the nicotine monkey on their back.

Please. I beg you. Please.

So it goes.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Story That Every Smoker Should See

Here's a story that every smoker should see:

Graphic new smoking campaign designed to shock

Odd Visitors

Some of the people visiting either or continue to amaze me.

Here's an interesting entry from the logs:

14 Mar
12:19:59 PM
IE 8.0
United States
Dod Network Information Center (131.75.x.x) — #26

Dod would be the Department of Defense.

I don't know who or why, but it's interesting nonetheless.

So it goes.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Interesting Statistics

On Facebook, everyone participating has some Facebook Friends.

Either you have asked someone on Facebook to be your Facebook Friend, or they have asked you to be their Facebook Friend.

When someone drops you as a friend, you can see the Friends count goes down, but may not realize which "friend" dropped you as a friend.

Then there's the Facebook Application: Unfriend Finder.

This little app's sole purpose in life is to show you who un-friends you on Facebook.

It doesn't work for finding who may have already un-friended you, but if you install it, it will keep tabs on who un-friends you from that point forward.

Here's my Un-Friends List today:

  • Merle Norman is no longer in your friendlist.
     Detected on: February 28, 11:06p

  • Sarah Morrisey Gooch is no longer in your friendlist.
     Detected on: February 20, 2:13pm

  • Bonnie Janssen is no longer in your friendlist.
     Detected on: February 16, 4:35pm

  • Robby Miller is no longer in your friendlist.
     Detected on: February 7, 12:32pm

  • Bruce Karo is no longer in your friendlist.
     Detected on: February 7, 10:38am

  • Andy Melanie Utterback is no longer in your friendlist.
     Detected on: February 6, 12:34a

I can only assume that something I wrote at or didn't meet their approval.

And their reaction was to un-friend me.

That's fine.

If friends are defined as only those who accept hearing the truth, then so be it.

The truth can be painful. The truth sometimes hurts.

But at the end of the day, the truth is true because it is true.

And truth doesn't become any less true if we choose to ignore it.

Discussion here: More Interesting Statistics

So it goes.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Classes We Took

On a beautiful March winter afternoon, with the sun shining, the wind fairly calm, and the birds singing, I was just sitting here thinking....

Some of those Logic, Philosophy and Ethics classes I took in college are finally paying off.

Too bad all colleges didn't make them mandatory.
So it goes.

US: One, THEM: Less than Zero

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for this important update in the Battle Of US versus THEM.

In the ongoing battle between US and THEM, US scored small but important victories in a number of  insurgencies this past fall and winter.

THEM got exposed for what they are and will never be the same again.

US will continue fighting on a smaller scale, but for now THEM is still pulling a few of the strings behind the scenes.

But US has had its share of notable victories.

And neutral outsiders have said the tide is turning toward US and that the overall groundswell of US will no longer tolerate THEM pulling the strings, and THEM have been seen more frequently in public walking away with their tails between their legs and their heads bowed down in shame.

US still has honor and integrity.

US has had a voice now.

US is stronger than it has ever been.

US will prevail in the end, because tomorrow will be a better day than today and good ALWAYS triumphs over evil.

THEM may have more shiny objects than US, but US knows that US doesn't need all those stinkin' shiny objects to be happy in life.

Score a BIG - 1 for US.


Life IS good. God IS Great.

Tomorrow will be a better day than today.
Now back to our regular programming .....

So it goes.


Hurry!, Hurry!, Hurry! Get 'em While They're Hot Off The Presses

Here's about the most stupid email I believe I have ever received.  And I'm sure every American will be all over this for those "high net worth people in Russia and China". Plus, isn't that an oxymoron?

From "Rodin, Anton" <>"

"Dear Customers:
We are proud to offer our new directories with contact details of companies and high net worth people from Russia and China.

Please visit our website for detailed information.

ZakMedia, Russia."

Yeah, let me get back to you on that comrade.

So it goes.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

This is a leap year, so February has an extra day at the end, February 29.

This only happens every four years to keep our modern calendars on track with methods used by our ancestors to track the four seasons.

So today is an extra day in the year 2012.

Please do something fun for yourself today.

Please do something to help someone else today.

And if anybody want's to know why? Just tell them it's in honor of Leap Day!

And there are some years you would think would be leap years but they aren't IF:
"Years that are evenly divisible by 100 are not leap years, unless they are also evenly divisible by 400, in which case they are leap years."  from:

So it goes.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How Cool Is This?

Just found these clips of the Allman Brothers Band from a 1990 and a 1991 appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Wow!

More Interesting Visitors

A couple of days ago, someone with USA Today spent almost 40 minutes looking at and

27 Feb 01:44:05 AM IE 8.0
1366x768 Mc Lean,
United States Usa Today ( [Label IP Address]

Then there's this one that's been showing up repeatedly:

28 Feb 02:34:02 PM IE 8.0
1920x1080 Coraopolis,
United States Harbison-walker Refractories Company ( [Label IP Address]
(No referring link)

I don't know who you are, but thanks for stopping by!

So it goes.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Biggest Winner at the Oscars - Angelina's Right Leg

The Academy Awards were handed out last night. Historically by and large a not real exciting thing to watch.

But then you have Angelina's Right Leg. Dressed in a black gown with a thigh high slit, Angelina Jolie struck a pose that was captured on film.

And now her leg has gone viral on the Internet.

Here's one of the funniest things I saw first thing this morning:

There's even a tool at that web site that let's you add Angelina's Leg to any photo.

Funny stuff.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wouldn't It Be Nice If ....

OK, I got the idea from watching Letterman last night.

But wouldn't it be great if all the gas stations started pricing gas per half gallon?

If nothing else, it would give the appearance of being cheaper.

Right now gas is $3.399 a gallon. Experts are predicting possibly $5 a gallon by this summer.

But if all the gas stations sold gas by the half gallon, then the current price would only be $1.699.

Doesn't that sound much better than $3.399?

And when gas gets close to $5 a gallon this summer, if it were priced by the half gallon, it would only be $2.50.

$2.50 sounds much better than $5.

Now I  know the total for filling your tank wouldn't change, obviously.

But wouldn't it be nice to be able tell our grandchildren about the good old days back in 2012 when we only paid $1.699 for gas?

It just sounds better than $3.399.

It's a stretch, I know, but wouldn't that be somethin'?

Have a great weekend!

Life is good. God is great.

So it goes.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cosmic Karma?

Solar flare stock image
An X-class solar flare could be headed toward Earth this week, that will have have the potential to interfere with radio and satellite communication.

Seems that Friday, the sun threw off a slow moving coronal mass ejection or CME, in the SHAPE OF A HEART!

And it's due date with Earth? Valentine's Day no less.

Cosmic Karma? Could be.

As Spock would say, "Fascinating".

The full story is here: Sun points a loaded gun at us at

So it goes.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The NFL Did Something Stupid

Since I've been writing in my blog and at, I've pointed out some stupid stuff that people have done.

Some of that stupidity has been displayed on the Internet, some of that stupidity has been displayed by people in the national news and some of that stupidity has been displayed by our local media and by people here in Mexico, Missouri.

A couple of years back the NFL did something stupid.

They made people stop using the term "Super Bowl" unless they paid licensing fees to the NFL.

You used to hear about Joes's TV and Appliance having a Super Bowl Sale, or Eat at Joe's Restaurant having a Super Bowl Buffet Special.

We had Super Bowl Diamond Sales at Joe's Jewelry Store, and Super Bowl Car Sales at Joe's New and Used Autos.

All of that "superbowl-dom" helped to promote the "Big Game".

People had fun with Super Bowl Sales.

Radio stations had Super Bowl Parties.

Bars had Super Bowl Viewing Parties.

But then the NFL decided the term "Super Bowl" was copyrighted, by them, and nobody could use the term "Super Bowl" unless it was approved and licensed by the NFL.

That was stupid.

So now we have sales that say "Join us for the big game sale", and Sunday food specials that say they're timed for the "Big Game"

Bars say come watch the "Big Game" at Joe's Bar.

We know what the big game is. The NFL knows what the big game is.

And where people used to have fun  with Super Bowl this or Super Bowl that, now we just have to get by with big game this and big game that.

It just isn't the same.

And the NFL took something that people everywhere used to have fun with and put it away in a closet so only the very rich can run Super Bowl commercials or have Super Bowl sales.

Because they're the only one's that can afford to run a :30 ad IN the Super Bowl. Last year CBS got between $2.5 million and $2.8 million per :30 second commercial.

People still watch the Super Bowl. People still talk about Super Bowl commercials.

But the average business person in this great nation can't have a Super Bowl Sale.

And if the Super Bowl cops are watching the Internet closely, this blog will receive a cease and desist notice from the NFL, because I'm not supposed to be using the term "Super Bowl" either.

So we'll all have fun watching the Super Bowl this Sunday and all those silly Super Bowl Commercials.

But now you know why you don't hear about Super Bowl this or Super Bowl that like you used to "in the good old days" before the NFL did something stupid.

So it goes.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Scam For Broadcasters to Worry About

Just when you think you've seen it all, a company called Mission Abstract Data is now claiming it's owed licensing fees for computer use at radio stations.

There's more from Tom Taylor on Radio-Info

Mission Abstract Data has started sending letters to operators of radio stations claiming it's owed licensing fees for the use of personal computers by radio stations.

Just about any use of a PC in radio station, from music scheduling software, commercial scheduling, billing, cleaning the bathroom floor, washing the GM's car - ANY use of a PC in a radio station - is subject to licensing fees for Mission Abstract Data.

OK, the last two PC use examples from me are fictitious, but any other use of a PC in a radio station since the invention of the personal computer is trying to be covered Mission Abstract Data's patents.

It's absurd.

But some lawyers somewhere are probably going to make money off the whole thing.

The US Patent Office is reviewing the Mission Abstract Data Situation.

Hopefully broadcasters won't have to pay licensing fees for using personal computers in a broadcast environment.

They already pay substantial licensing fees for other things the general public would be amazed at.

So it goes.